Quickly adding audio tracks

Hello all! Was just wondering if anybody knew how to add a stereo audio track without having the presets box popup each time? I’m sure when you went to Add Audio Track before it used to just add one?

Was using the duplicate track function but this isn’t ideal.



(I’m on a PC atm btw)

Maybe uncheck “Browse Presets”…!?

Where exactly is this check box?

Directly above the preset filter section in the add track dialogue.

i’m not seeing it?

(see attached pic)

That is 5.5.x …?
In 5.1 it is where I stated above.
In your case I’ d try the little button with he three black squares bottom left of the browser. This usually gives you options tl show hidden items. The " browse" button itself does nothing…?

What I’m trying to avoid is this screen coming up in the first place. I can shrink the box down by pressing the browse button and by using the other button you mentioned. I’m pretty sure though in SX3 I could select Add audio track from the project eitor and a stereo audio track would appear without the add track dialogue.

I think I may be able to get around this by setting up a macro but it seems silly to add an extra step to the process by Steinberg.

Hope i’ve explained myself better this time.

i’m using 5.5.3 btw

That is if with “project eitor” you mean the “Project menu”

I’m afraid your incorrect.

When selecting add audio track either from the project menu OR the project editor it first brings up that box.

100% this wasn’t there in sx3


How about right clicking on the page and going to add track?