Quickly disable MIDI transport send?

I have been using an Arturia KeyStep Pro as a sequencer for an external synth, recording audio into Cubase directly.

It’s very useful to have MIDI transport sent from Cubase to the KeyStep Pro, so that everything syncs up nicely. That part is working perfectly.

What I can’t work out is if there’s a quick way to stop transport being sent to the KeyStep Pro. I know that I can go into the Project Synchronisation Setup, click to the Destinations tab, scroll down to they KeyStep Pro, and disable it. If I have to do that a few times, though, whilst recording different parts, it’s quite fiddly.

Is there any quick way either to disable sending transport globally, or to toggle the send to a device individually?

Not sure that something like this exists, however once you don’t want the keyStep to be the Slave at some point, you can always put it to its Master mode. If I remember correctly by holding Shift and pressing Project, you can go to the Utility area and alter this setting there. Or maybe I’m missing something here?

Hmm. Trouble is that I’ve got similar issues with a couple of other devices (Digitone/Digitakt) that I will sometimes want to follow transport and sometimes not.

Someone else has suggested macros, which I’d never looked at before, so I may dig into that route.