Quickly played violin - sound blurred

For example at the tempo 145 the individual tones no longer recognizable.
The notes are tiles in a one melody together.
Attempt with staccato / staccatissimo didn’t.
I’ve Expression Map:“HSO Violin solo” for legato 30 entered (see <Issue with „Violin Solo Combi“>).
That was also without effect.
Can Dorico handle it?
Piano-EK-Test.zip (711 KB)

I tried changing the patch in Halion Sonic SE to “Violin Solo Staccato Alt” vs. the default Violin Solo Combi. I think it sounds a little better. I toyed with adding a compressor on the channel to give it a sense of cleaner bowing, but I’m not sure it added anything.

No, it’s louder but still not right.
The tone builds up too slowly, it must occur faster and faster to stop.
I’ve tried it with „Halion Sonuc SE2:Amplifier“ mit Attack=-50 und Release=-50.
Sounds much better now. Is this the right way?

If it produces the sound you are looking for (only your ears can tell you that) then it is the right way. :slight_smile:

Sampled instruments have a lot of limitations when it comes to bowed instruments because of the subtlety that different bowing techniques, pressures and fingering can create. Using the amplifier to harden the sense of “Stop” to the bow is one way to get there. The other thing I would try, would be to use other sample libraries that may have the short notes recorded with more of a hard attack for the 1/32nd notes (demisemiquaver.) For example Spitfire’s Marcato Attack patch might be more in the neighborhood of what you’re looking for. Alternatively, Virharmonic makes a very nice solo violin sampleset called Bohemian Violin. This might give you a more expressive sound, but it might be more imprecise that you’re looking for (I suspect the release might not be sharp enough for what you’re looking for.)


Thanks for the tips.
I know, Bohemian Violin sounds is not bad.
I must settle for me unfortunately the library from Dorico.
The best Violin in Dorico, I think is “Violin solo Combi”.

From that perspective using the Amplifier envelope on a separate instance of Violin Solo Combi is probably a good route to go. I’m not sure Dorico has automation curves yet, so I’d keep it on a separate staff & channel.


Try adjusting the Ambience Time and Ambience Level.

The ambience is a sample that always plays when a note is released.

In my opinion Ambience has only a minimal impact, how fast is the sound begin/end.
I have achieved the best results with attack/release.
In my case attack =-20 and release=-10 (the -50 previously were but exaggerated).

I loaded the score, but it sounds ok to me, I can hear all the notes seperatly. Just for the fun of it, I tried another library called Paganini that is specially for fast playing, and that gives a good playback for this kind of scores:

“Paganini Solo Violin” is only PCM. Dorico has yet VST, of which I expect something more.

Paganini is loaded in Kontakt, a VST2 supported by Dorico. It should come with the .nki files to load it into to Kontakt (which I think is what Andre is using.) At $15 (it’s currently on sale), it might be a possible solution.

You need to buy the full version of Kontakt to use that library. It’s not cheap.

Yes, I am using the Kontakt version, .nki files. I think the results are very nice for such a cheap library.

Following Andre’s suggestion, I listened to the Demo of Paganini Capriccio Nº 1 on their website.
As a professional violinist, I can attest - it sounds amazingly realistic; although at a few points it sounds un-realistic in terms of technical execution :smiley: