Quickly setting left locator to project start (or "0")

Is there a way to quickly set the left locator to Project Start, or set it to time “” in Cubase 10? The “enter left locator” command (default <shift>-L) for me only selects the “minutes” field of the locator display (when primary time format is “seconds”).

So if my current left locator position is 1:31, and I do <shift>-L, 0, <return>, my left locator ends up at 31 seconds, not 0.

Is there a way to target the left locator value in the Project Logical Editor? Or some other way to get a keypress (or two) to pop that left locator over to 0 or project start?

Note also that select-all (<ctrl>-A) followed by “locators to part” does not necessarily work because there is no guarantee that there will be a part that starts at project 0.


Just make a macro in the key command window.

  1. “Go to Project Start” key command
  2. Set left locator (or whatever it’s called) key command
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Nice. That works, and is more straightforward than using the PLE as well.


No need for a macro or the PLE, just press “.” on a numeric keypad. (a.k.a. “period”, “full stop” or “decimal point”). If you’re using a laptop which no longer has a numeric kepad, just press “,” (“comma”).

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