Quickly split a passage of dyads into upstem downstem

Say I’ve entered 8 bars of a melody in octaves. Everything upstem voice 1 by default. The thing I’m inputting is actually a divisi part (1 staff divisi, not the 2 stave Dorico divisi), so the stems should be opposing. Right now the only way I know how to do it is CMD click every bottom note one at a time, then go “change voice - down stem 1”. Is there a quicker way to just take a selection of dyads and split them into upstem 1 downstem 1?


Try Edit > Filter > Notes in Chords > Bottom Notes or Single Notes, followed by Edit > Voice > Change Voice > New Down-stem Voice.

Aha! Knew there must be a good way.

Alternatively, is there a way to split the two pitches into voices at the point of entry? In other words, if it’s already established there are two voices in a measure, I play two notes on the keyboard and they go into their respective voices? Thanks.

No, you can’t input directly into two voices on the same staff simultaneously at the moment, though that’s certainly something we could do at some point in the future.