Quickly switch between different audio outputs?


Is there any way to quickly switch between two different audio outputs?

When working on a project, I prefer to listen via speakers. However, when I add audio recordings via microphone to the project I obviously have to switch to headphones. Is there any easy way to switch between audio outputs without having to physically plug in/out a headphone jack all the time?

My current method of doing it is:
→ Studio setup
→ Control panel
→ Change the “output port” to headphones (can’t select both headphones and speakers at the same time)
… and then…
→ Audio connections
→ Change to the headphones in the “output ports” drop-down box.
… and vice versa when switching from headphones to speakers.

This is ridiculously tedious and there must be a better way. Do you have an idea?

Instead of using the headphone in the control room, you could set them up as a second speaker set.
Requires that you have two spare outputs on your audio interface going to something that can power your headphones.
But it is then only one click.

What audio interface do you have?

I’m sure there is a way to it with CB routing but, I simply use a PreSonus HP4 headphone amp.
Basically, the main stereo out from my audio interface is connected to the HP4. My studio monitors and (up to 4) headphones are connected to the HP4. There is a “mute” button for the monitors. Sound is always available at the headphones and the monitors are muted or not with a push of that button. Works like a charm.

I like this PreSonus HP4 unit but, I am sure other mfg’s have similar featured more/less expensive units.

Regards. :sunglasses: