Quickly switch between two sets of sounds?

I’m using NotePerformer, and with an orchestral template, NotePerformer creates multiple instances. I’ve set up each instance with an A/B configuration (A/B is built in to Dorico, in the top-left corner of the VST edit window). I’d like Dorico to synchronize the A/B setting so that when I toggle on, the other instance is toggled as well.

I’m pretty certain Dorico can’t do this, but figured I’d ask. Really I want to be able to quickly switch between two sets of sounds – in this case, separate NotePerformer settings. Is there a faster way than toggling each instance individually?

A keyboard shortcut to toggle A/B directly from write mode would be amazing.

As for what I’m trying to accomplish – my main use case is to hear a “piano only” version of the arrangement. So, toggling between the “real” sounds and the piano configuration.

Also as usual, I can accomplish what I want already – I’m just looking for a faster way :slight_smile:

Following as I’d love to see this possibility too.

No, there’s no faster way to do this at present.