Quicktime Framerate Question


I have a quicktime movie wich has a framerate of 25 fps. If I open it in QT, everything is ok. If I import in Nuendo 5 I get a errormessage, the framerate is lower (in this case: 16,39 fps)

Where is my mistake?

Thanks for your help,

Any chance of a look at the file info?
There is a free utility called Media Info - google for it & ask it about this file, please?

installed media info, it says the framerate is 25fps…
the same as i open the qt inspector, if i go to the poolwindow and open the data under right click properties it says 25fps but in the opening dialog of nuendo it says 16,39 fps.

what’s the exact format of the video file?

MPEG-4 (quick time)2,05 GB, 11min22sec
1 video stream dv
1 audio stream pcm

24,4 Mbps 703*576 (16:9) at 25.000 Fps (DV, PAL)

the newest quicktime is installed

I had the same experience. I don’t know the reason but I remember that I resolved that problem by reconverting my video in QT Pro.

I’m currently experiencing this weird problem with a feature film.

Fortunately, the editor is on the next room, so we could try some renders before finding the solution : you need to force the video editor to export at 25 frame rate, even if the default project is in pal mode…

Don’t know why, but it’s working… At least with final cut !