QuickTime not recognized in Device Setup in Cubase 4.5.2

I had QuickTime Pro (latest version) running great within Cubase 4.5.2 on my old XP (32 bit) system.

Now I am running Cubase 4.5.2 (64 bit) on my new Windows 7 pro system and I can not get QuickTime to appear in Device Setup as an option for the Video Player.

Most of my composing to picture involves QT movies…

Any help or advice please?

Thanks in advance…

Any help please on this issue, is anybody successfully running QuickTime within Cubase 4.5.2. ?

I’m facing the same problem.

I have checked, although the QT is available in CUBASE 4.5.2 (32Bit) it is not available in the 64Bit version :frowning:
In later versions it looks like Steinberg have introduced their own video engine, I have not tried this yet as this would introduce another upgrade :astonished:

Hope that helps hgtan?

I have tested Cubase7Element trial on Toshiba notebook with Windows 7 32-bit, Cubase 7Element and Cubase 8Element trial on desktop PC with Windows 7 64-bit. Now I have activated my free bandled Cubase 8 AI comes with UR22. All situation can not detect Quicktime or Windows Media Player!

Hello Steinberg Cubase support team!
Basically I did not see any knowledgable response to the video problem on this forum. Why?

Any response ! Is Cubuse 7 / 8 qualified by your Software QA to be shipped for Windows 7 64-bit OS?