Quicktime Pro vs. Wondershare DVD Deluxe

First off, I am PC. I have not purchased Quicktime Pro at this point and I would like to use the video features in C6, which basically consists of editing sound clips - yes, I understand. This said, I can load videos and play them in C6 right now with the standard freeware Quicktime - and - reading all the dismal reviews of QTP - I ran into the Wondershare DVD program. It looks like it does a better job of editing video clips and also offers more video output formats than QTP.

So my question to those of you who are using your C6 for editing/creating video sound files, and attaching them to video clips: Are any of you running this Wondershare DVD Deluxe program? :question:

I have two computers so I basically would be loading WSDVD on my office/other computer, loading the videos there for length editing, and then import them to my recording computer in a QT playable format, do my sound editing, and then take the sound clips back to the other computer for final editing - which is simply joining the newly edited sound clips to the video.

WSDVD costs $60, QTP $30, BTW, not a deal breaker. Thank you for any advice on the subject.

No response? Well, I downloaded the Wondershare app (free trial) and it was fun to work with, all kinds of visual morphing tools etc. Made a 5 minute file easy enough. HOWEVER, as you go to complete the task of creating a video - the program wants to burn a DVD first, and save a file/copy 2nd. KInd of odd. And then the copy is a file that my QT and WinPlayer cannot open. Which is pretty fubar. :smiling_imp:

So I could just burn the DVD and move it over to my recording computer that way, sure, although a waste of DVD space typically. But then there’s another rub. The program says that it requires a WinPlayer on the host computer, which I have, but fails to mention that it also needs Nero installed on the host computer, as well, as the burn program. (I learned this as I read the session notes that the program stores.) In other words, it’s really just a Windows parasite, all dressed up. And what’s worse, lacking the Nero program, my PC is locked up till I hard boot it - and - the file that is left, my work and the remnant of this thwarted process cannot be opened by the Wondershare program for another go’round. You’re screwed.

OK, maybe QTP is my only option? Any suggestions besides go MAC?