Quiet exports

Can anyone tell me why my exports, when played back in windows media player, are quieter than the project as played in cubase? I dont have any enhancements on WMP activated. Can anyone tell me how to export the project without a loss in volume please? Thanks.

You probably have a doubled output in Cubase. You can check this quickly by importing your exported file into Cubase and seeing whether the volume differs or not. If it sounds louder, the first place to look is to see whether you ahve outputs enabled in the Control Room as well as the outputs section (F4 I think)


On Export remember to set the master output to 0db. That work for you?

A couple of thoughts, & I may just be on the wrong track:
1: Is your windows media player using the same outputs as Cubase? Mine isn’t so the volume isn’t like for like.
2: A way to test it -
Often you may have inserts on your stereo out track/channel, such as a limiter for the final mix. It’s easy to forget, when you import back into Cubase, to bypass any master out effects.
Create an additional out - name it stereo out 2 or final mix.
During the export, tick the boxes saying import into pool & project upon export.
After export set your finished track to Stereo out 2, perhaps with Voxengo as an insert. Mute stereo out 1 and do a side by side comparison.
Then mute stereo out 2 & compare again.
You can also right click on the final mix track & get the statistics.
Just a couple of ideas…
Neil B

No its none of those things guys. got my fader at 0db. no extra outs enabled in the control room. neil, how do you mean same outputs? as in, does WMP play through my interface like cubase?

I am assuming you are using other than your interface for playback of computer stuff like Youtube and such?

Don’t do that.

Make your interface the default audio device in Windows also.

yeah my interface is my default playback device. any other suggestions?

Can you play the Media Player with Cubase active? In which case Media player is using a different output channel on your soundcard. Either that or Media Player has defaulted to onboard sounds. Check the Media Player prefs.

i can play it active but i have cubase set to release the interface when other programs need it. double checked WMP and its set to use the interface as the main audio output… any other suggestions?

Playback volume from WMP is dependent on the level control of the Windows Volume Mixer. Playback volume from within Cubase is dependent on the control room level. Levels should match if level of windows volume mixer is at 100% and Cubase control room level is at 0.

ive got the volume mixer in WMP at 100% and still theres a slight dip of 1db or so in comparison to cubase… anyone else?

it’s probably something like the windows volume mixer has the output for windows media player down a little, right click on the little speaker icon in the bottom right and hit open volume mixer…



Your original question was how to export without a loss in volume.
Now it has changed to getting your WMP at the same level as Cubase.
If you’re still concerned about your export, try my idea above to prove that Cubase is exporting at the level you expected. At least you’ll prove your export.
… Sorry, that sounded like a criticism for the direction your post has taken. It wasn’t meant to be - I was simply trying to find out if your export was right.

What about if you import a commercial track into Cubase? Export it at 0db. Then check the volume level compared to Cubase, the export in Media Player and the commercial track in Media Player. I am willing to bet that MP is slightly quieter. It is for me.

when i import a commercial reference track into cubase it plays back slightly louder than it would in WMP. problem solved… its WMP generally playing back quieter.