Quiet PC Cabinet


Anyone know of a good place to buy a cabinet I can place my PC inside to help reduce the noise? I don’t mean an external PC casing. I mean a cabinet on wheels that my PC can be placed inside when recording takes place so that the fan noise is reduced. Once recording is over, I can open the door to let ventilation get through.


I recall that a chap called Paul Woodlock posted some info about a cabinet - I searched and found http://forum.studiotips.com/viewtopic.php?t=391.

Though I would recommend that you get a silent PC, or reduce the noise of your current PC with wadding and new fans. It’s not good to keep your PC in a box even if it’s open most of the time, you really need proper through ventilation at all times to keep it from running too hot, and that means more than just a simple box…



Yes - my main studio recording PC is silent (bought that way from RedSub a few years ago) - but I just want to isloate my Video Editing PC on a temporary basis occasionally if I need to record some overdubs.


I have my pc in a cardboard box lined inside with acoustic foam panels and with sizeable openings at the base (0.3 x 0.1 m2) and at the top. Without ventilation added to this box, this set up (with a quad core, 8 Gb, 3 hard disks, no high power video) had no trouble during a week of about 30 degr max daily temperatures last summer.