Quite Big Automation Issue

I assigned my panning in Kontakt Player to CC10. I wrote an automation in Dorico on CC10. When I start the piece from the beginning, everything works fine. My pan slider in Kontakt moves to the desired position with the value 100:

When I start in the middle of the piece, my pan slider in Kontakt moves to the neutral-mid-position, although my automation curve in Dorico is still on the value 100:

I tried to draw new ‘automation points’ in the middle of the piece. Whenever I set automation points in the middle of the piece, everything works fine again and the slider in Kontakt moves to the desired position.
Which leaves me with the conclution that whenever you start a piece in the middle, Dorico doesn’t recognize any automation which was drawn in the beginning…this would be a big bug. I hope I’m wrong.

I can answer it by myself:
CC10 is the standard CC for panning. Although I disabled ‘use standard CC for panning’ in all Kontakt instruments, things didn’t work how they should work.
I didn’t use any CC10 numbers in my expression maps within Dorico.
I assigned an ‘uncomplicated’ CC number to panning -like CC110- and everything works fine.
So my advice: don’t use any general CC numbers (as for volume, panning, etc) in Kontakt for automation together with Dorico.
This could cause some deeper problems :wink:

I’m not completely sure to what extent Dorico does chase the prevailing value in the controller lanes when you start playback from an arbitrary position. I have a feeling that this is an area where Paul still has more work to do, but I will check with him to make sure I’m not giving incorrect information. (The lack of a feature is not a bug, by the way, if that feature is not meant to be there in the first place, but I understand it can be very difficult for an end user to know whether or not a feature they expect or want to be there is meant to be there.)

Thanx. The strange thing is really that there are some problems when using a general assigned CC number like CC10 and that there are no problems -even with starting from an arbitrary position- with none-general-assigned CCs.

I think this is the exact same problem that I recently experienced with CC 7.

And as Daniel points out above, I think “chase” is the correct term for the behavior of reading what the CC value is supposed to be at that point.

I’m assuming the panning value you’re seeing comes from the mixer, same as CC 7 does.

I can see the issue here - if you have automation for CC7 and CC10 then when playback starts, the controllers are chased to find the correct value at that point. However, that value is then replaced by the initial CC value in the Dorico mixer (in the MIDI section, which isn’t shown by default). I’ll log this and it’s something we can aim to fix for a future version.

Yes, that was my guess, too - that there are hidden Dorico CC values somewhere, for the standard CC-numbers.
Thanx Paul. Cool. And some more auxiliaries would be nice, too, otherwise there is not soooo much sense in having 4 send-channels in every track :sunglasses:
Sorry for nagging :laughing:

Support for aux channels is of course on our list, but we do however have a very long list…

I can imagine :smiley: and there are of course more important things and there is very often a workaround for problems which are not solved yet.
So no prob at all. Trust we have in you guys.