Quitting Wavelab in one manner doesn't work properly

I find that if I use the menu item Quit Wavelab, then Wavelab quits correctly with no problems. But if I quit Wavelab by using the click-the-red-cross-in-the-right-hand-corner method, Wavelab will not exit correctly. In that case it won’t start up again, and Task Manager Processes reveals that there is still a Wavelab process running, and I have to end that before I can re-start Wavelab.

(This isn’t because I haven’t shut down all the Wavelab windows, I have, and Wavelab even asks me upon shutting the last window whether I want to quit Wavelab.)

It’s not a problem for me, obviously, as I just use the method that works correctly, I’m just reporting it.

(Running Wavelab 7.1.1 (build 550) on Windows 7 SP1).

When you do so (red cross), WaveLab quits only if this is the last open window. What is the window you try to close? What did you open previously?

The window I’m closing is the main ‘Audio Files’ window. I’ve tried closing any other open windows, such as audio files I’m working on, tools, etc. but the result is the same. (Haven’t tried the Montage or any other windows yet).

I do get a warning window saying ‘Are you sure you want to quit Wavelab?’, and then in small print it says ‘Closing the last window causes the application to quit’, so it is the last window.

I get the problem even when I’ve re-started my computer, and start Wavelab without running any other programs, and then try to close straight away.

Just reporting that I’m still getting this bug with v.7.2.1 (build 600).

Hmm, no idea why I can’t reproduce this.