Quote from what?

This, the snippet in Notation Options for Pitch Crossing… I know it so well! but right now my memory fails me… What is it?

It’s the Flower Duet from Lakmé (by that more famous Léo :wink: )


Puh, thanks, now I can relax…!
On this forum you are probably more famous than Léo :wink:

:thinking:Leo Léo LAE

Leo - you need an accent (written). Maybe an umlaut. Take it to the next level!

Or not.

I’m unreasonably attached to my brown passport, which is valid for another six or seven years. I think I’ll hang onto my name for the time being :wink:

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When I see this excerpt I remember it in B major. But I guess it is often arranged.

Perhaps the singers are transposing instruments: the Florence Foster Jenkins arrangement.