QWERTY input on MIDI record?

I’m transcribing a pop lead sheet, so there’s syncopation all over the place. I was hoping to tap-record the rhythm on a single pitch, then lock duration and input the melodic contour, but I’m finding QWERTY input doesn’t work on MIDI record.

Bummer. I know QWERTY isn’t MIDI, but I was hopeful it would work. Am I missing something?

(I’m on the road, so no MIDI keyboard)

No, you’re not missing anything. But perhaps you could use a virtual MIDI keyboard that supports QWERTY input?

Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel. I tried VMPK and Synthesia, both of which I can play with QWERTY, but neither one is showing up as a MIDI device.

Can you not ‘tap’ your rhythm in using the piano layout in write mode?

The built-in piano keyboard seems to work during live record.

Actually, it’s a bit Not Very Good. There seems to be massive latency.

I’m not following. What I’m saying is that the rhythm is an absolute pain to encode, so I’d rather input it to a click.

I used to use Touch OSC on my phone to trigger MIDI info to Mainstage. Maybe it might work for you?

Set Dorico to record MIDI and use its internal click…

I don’t have MainStage and found OSC very confusing. :confused:

Either I’m still not following you, or you’re not following me. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but I have no way to input notes via MIDI recording.

You don’t need Mainstage but, yes, it can be confusing

I use the mouse and click the onscreen keyboard in the lower panel of write mode!

That’s what Ben just tried. Latency makes it non-functional for recording rhythms.

Set your tempi very slow and increase the click frequency.

Have you seen this?

(are you Mac?!)



Or something like this might help link the two programs.

Thanks, that looks like it might work. I’ll try it as soon as I’m back to it.