QWERTY Keyboard as MIDI controler Guitar Rig


I’m using Cubase Elements and Guitar Rig 5 for a guitar recording with effects and amps. I want to use a second USB keyboard to control the functions of Guitar Rig. This program have a feature called “learn” that can listen for a key press of a midi input. The problem is that the second keyboard works the same that the main keyboard. When I press a B letter of second USB keyboard, the Guitar Rig not listen anything and Cubase listen that B letter as if was the main keyboard.

What’s the way to configure that second USK keyboard as MIDI input?


Hi and welcome,

This is not on Cubase side, but on the side of your OS. The OS has to stop using the keyboard as a common keyboard. There are some softwares, which can do this. In this kind of software, it’s common you can make a Macros or trigger MIDI Commands instead of keyboard keys. Then you even don’t need the Cubase’s Virtual Keybord.

On Mac, I was using QuickKeys (I hope it’s correct) for this task. And it was awesome!

Thanks for your answer Martin. Congratulations for your site (http://www.cubase-training.com/).

I want to try this software for Windows: http://qkmidi.sourceforge.net/