[R-5348] in N6.0.3: Mix console disappear after maximize

This bug was fixed in 6.0.3

Hello, does anybody on Mac OS X Mountain Lion has similar problem?

Problem description:
[] Open Mix Console (way is not important - in project window, keyboard command or menu)
] Click on green button with + mark (maximize window)
[*] Mix Console disappear (to be clear it is regularly closed now)[/list]

EDIT: MixConsole must be in Always on Top mode.

I have tried this on multiple monitor configurations with same results.

Anybody can reproduce this?


Nope. Works fine here.



@Martijn Thanks for your reply I found that this happening only on Always on Top mode. Can you please reproduce that?

Aha, yes, I can repro that. Nuendo even crashed after trying a couple of times! Seems like a bug…

Thanks for cooperation. Looks that this bug is fixed in 6.0.3

Great. Good to hear!