[R-7783] NUENDO 6.0.3: NEK error

Come on guys… Don’t make it harder…
How come a sound file would be involved in graphics anormalities… :smiley:
The install is probably a little messed up on the mac update, but the fix is there at hand… Drop the bloody missing file back in the folder and back to work.

PS : I can send you the file if you didn’t save it.

It’s not a sound file. It’s a resource file-- you can open it with a text editor. It deals with any number of GUI factors.

And yes, I’m sure it’ll be dealt with soon and there’s no need for hysteria, and the workaround works fine. At the same time, there’s no question but that it would be great to have some idea of what is going on here, as long as we’re working with it and dealing with the inconvenience.


A ressource file ? Ah ok then. They’ll probalby release a fixed 6.03 Mac install soon hopefully.

OT : In the next couples of days I’ll be doing lots of voice over then a few days of post production on another project. I’ll use N6.
We’ll see if I can keep my cool or not then. :wink:

Hello all,

Sorry for this issue. It seems to happen after the Nuendo 6.0.3 update is installed on top of Nuendo 6.0.2. The issue can be solved by installing the NEK again after applying the 6.0.3 patch. We will make sure to fix this for the next maintenance update.

Best regards,
Christian Dettner

Thank you Christian. This works perfectly.

And when is that update scheduled for? I hope it’s not next quarter.

Can someone please post a download link to NEK for re-installation? I can’t find it anywhere in My Steinberg or on their site.

Take a look into your invoice, there are credentials and link to download area.

Hope this helps