[R-9397]: Frame accuracy

Hi, there’s something I quite don’t understand here, when you’re working in frames, why doesn’t the cursor slave to whole frames? If I don’t zoom all the way in and place the cursor sampleaccurate at 1.000000 I have no control of where the cursor ends up, it might be 1 frame and 237 ms. And during the course of an hour you’re suddenly 1 frame off the picture lock…

Is there a on/off button anywhere I haven’t spotted? :wink:

Sure that snap to zero crossing is not active?


Fredo, if you zoom in so that each number in your timeline is a frame with a chunk of space between each you can clearly see that even if you have snap to grid set and grid set to frame it won’t snap. Seems like this is one of those things many of us would overlook simply because we’re looking at the timecode display which ends in frames and frames are such a small value, and some of us also usually locate by typing numbers in, so we never get the feeling something is wrong.

But I just checked and sure enough, rather than snapping to a frame on the grid it chooses a finer subdivision. So in practice this means that if we locate using the cursor then even though it may read a timecode of 01:01:01:01 it could be closer to either 01:01:01:00 or 01:01:01:02, and the only way to see it is to show subframes (which you can also land between incidentally).

Feature or yet another broken function?

Or do we have to trash the preferences again?

Hi, back from holiday.

What he said really,short and simple. :wink:

+1 for fixing this.

Getting into this very very often. When i set grid to frame, I really want the curser to snap into frame grid. Nothing else.

Zero communication. I’m shocked.

Alex, put “issue” in the thread title, or better yet, “BUG” in all caps. They hate that. THEN they find the time to look at threads…

Lydiot my friend, not everyone really cares to read about your rants on this public Forum all the time, go have a beer on us :wink:


Thanks for your contribution. I’ll make sure to help you out should you ever need any.

Your contributions are always appreciated Lydiot, it’s just the ranting against Steinberg is getting a little old.

cheers Mate!!

The one way to shut US “ranters” up is to communicate. Perhaps if you got them to do that WE would “rant” less.


thanks for the report. We have tracked this problem under issue No. R-9397.
It will soon be added to the “Collected issues” section.