R-epeat with caret active?

It seems that R with caret active will only repeat the last note entered. Is this intended and if so why?

Use case. I have just entered one full bar and I want to repeat it. While still in note entry mode, I hit Ctrl+Shift+Left to select the whole bar. I press “r” and expect to see the whole bar repeated. But it doesn’t happen.

Just a small detail, but I think the concept of the R command is very good and could be so much more useful. As I wrote earlier, for slurs, but also if it could be extended to repeat also down- and upwards. If it worked on dynamics as well this could be a good way to repeat the dynamic on the other staves: select the dynamic, hit R three times and the rest of the string quartet has the same dynamic. Alt+click could never be as fast.

For adding dynamics to multiple staves at once, the idea is that you would be able to make a selection across multiple staves before you hit Shift+D (or indeed to extend the caret across multiple staves, allowing you to input “exploded” chords or unison passages onto multiple staves quickly), which would then create a shared dynamic across all of the selected staves.

I agree that R could be extended to have more behaviours. When note input is active, it explicitly simply copies and pastes the note/chord immediately to the left of the caret, but we could potentially change this in future.