R.I.P. Charlie Haden

Aloha guys,

The younger Cubase users probably have never heard of him
but another jazz giant has left the stage.

R.I.P. Charlie


Yes, sad news… :cry:

RIP Charlie…

Oh really? I did not know. Personally, I was not a big fan of his but lots of jazz bassists are, who tell me that he could always come up with the magical note under a funny (pianists) chord! I have him on ‘SOMEWHERE BEFORE’ (early Jarrett) which is a very good live album. And also Art Pepper’s LIVING LEGEND with Hampton Hawes (on Fender Rhodes).

So true.

He was considered a ‘secret weapon’ by many players.

Thats a good way of putting it! Though as I say, I was never really into him (esp. all that Ornette Coleman stuff etc).

Saw him live with Keith Jarrett when I was a kid and it was incredible… his bluegrass playing was also unbelievable. Some of the most inspirational music ever recorded was with the great gonzalo rubalcaba.

Truly the Master RIP