R.I.P. Davy Jones

Heart attack at age 66. There goes that Monkee reunion

Sad day.
R.I.P. Davy Jones

Gone but not forgotten. A real “Daydream Believer”. R.I.P.

RIP Davy… :frowning:

Neil Diamond was probably their most noteworthy writer but there were quite a few others as well. I think a good number of writers did well out of the Monkees phenomenon actually.

66? Crikey…that’s not old… :confused:

RIP :frowning:

I STILL love the Monkees. RIP Davy. :cry:

I was about ten years old when the Monkees came on the scene.
I thought Mike Nesmith was cool, and I wanted a wool hat like he wore.
(apparently he was way ahead of his time with that hat)
My mom used to knit things, so I asked her if she’d knit me a hat
like Mikes. In an attempt to teach me a lesson about how to get what
I wanted, she told me she’d teach me how to knit my own hat. I
actually spent about an hour trying to knit myself a blue/green
wool hat before I tossed the needles in a drawer in frustration. :slight_smile:
The Monkees had a lot of great tunes!
RIP Davy. Thanks for the memories.

my parents although very nice beyond what you can ask for could live their life in silence and we had a “gramophone” that never was used for the first say 5 years of my life. Then I was given a stack of silly kids music singles from … somewhere, not sure where they came from. And I thought “this is absolute bullsh!t!!!” and got tired of it. My buddies have REAL RECORDS that sounded way cool. I pestered my parents and one day mum had something else besides the groceries with her back to the car, where I sat looking at nothing bored as a stone. WOW! REAL RECORDS like “I wanna buy some records”/“I wanna buy some vegetables” was just about the same haha. Years later I figured out one of the three, one was just strange and forgetable, one was a very cool Hammond driven instrumental Rhythm’n’blues song that I just can’t figure out what it was but I can play the main riff on keys haha, and the last one was the Monkees “Pleasant valley Sunday”/“Words”. I just listened to those songs on YouTube and they are forever carved into my brain, I knew every corner of what would come out of the speaker even today decades later haha. I loved those records but somehow it never occurred to me to pester for some more records until later …

And now they start to die! Earthlings are strange! :frowning:

The very first album I ever bought was a Monkees album. RIP Davy

Yes, RIP DJ. The Monkees were a part of my teenagehood.
They had many great Top 40 hits. Good speed D.

I’ve always rated Last Train to Clarksville, Daydream Believer, I’m a Believer & and the theme to the Monkees TV show, to be completely quality tracks. Got a great vibe. However they came about with it all, I think they made a pretty valid contribution to music. RIP Davy Jones.

David Bowie can change his name back now.