R I P Keith Emerson

Keith Emerson, the keyboardist with the progressive rock ‘supergroup’ Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died at the age of 71, his bandmates have confirmed.


Respect and R I P.

So sorry to hear. He was one of my heros.

Sad sad news, one of my heroes for sure, an inspirational keyboardist, synthologist and stellar performer.

Thank you Keith and RIP

Thank goodness we still have Rick Wakeman and Tony Banks

We used to light up a spliff, turn down the lights and turn up the volume, thanks Keith and co. RIP :frowning:

A major influence in my life. Deeply saddened by this…

Very sad to learn of this. Keith Emerson was an inspiration to many, with tremendous technique, showmanship and musicianship. His legacy will last far in to the future I hope.
RIP Keith.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4ryce1O5IA at 11.52.

It’s very sad, because he was still working, and chose to end it all, if I read the news reports correctly. He connected rock and classical, and helped to make synths mainstream. One way of looking at it – he was “instrumental” in raising the musicianship of rock, which ultimately led to jazz fusion, and to punk and grunge (as a negative reaction). RIP.

Saw him in Toronto at an outdoor concert riding his C3 across the stage like a bucking bronco while at the same time
throwing knives at his Leslie speakers.

Barring the theatrics, the man had mucho mucho chops.

R.I.P. K.


They’re dropping like autumn leaves lately. :frowning:

RIP Keith

He is the reason I still have my gear. Devastated. Absolutely devastated

Too many too soon! :cry:

Brain Salad Surgery and Tarkus I have listened to no end back then.

I saw … lets call it “the Keith Emerson band” mainly because I think that’s what they were labeled as in a video a few weeks ago. Much heavier and focused than ELP and another type of musicians. It sounded awesome! Then Keith Emerson started to play some tricky stuff and something were just wrong? His only used three fingers on his right hand??? And it wasn’t Keith Emerson class anymore! :confused: Then I remembered reading something about some hand issues a few years ago. I saw some confirmation today that it was a suicide. Probably the hand issues being a major part. Double sad!!! I’ve noticed he almost has changed appearance the last few years, and I don’t really recognize his face. Maybe medicine and side effects?

I remember reading about how he went through a divorce were the wife just grabbed all she could and left him with nothing. He even dropped an old mobile phone in the toilet and lost all the information. Lucky man? Yeah, right …

But he’s in the history books!!! Better than nothing?

yeah, count me in the really bumbed group. He was so unique. Truly sad that he lost his chops.

I’m really a guitar player, but this modular setup is 100% Keith’s fault.

I’ve seen faultier setups! :laughing: :sunglasses:

Sad news indeed…

RIP Keith

Yup, Ulf. Like autumn leaves - you put it very strongly for me.

And when I first heard the news of Keith, I did not know the circumstances. Sadder still.


Never sure what to believe, but this explanation is truly saddening.

My small memorial to the man… Liberties taken but with great love and respect.


RIP Keith