R.I.P. Lemmy

I will miss you and your music.
However, I’m not quite sure they are ready for you where you’re going… :sunglasses:


One of a kind :frowning: . Let it RIP, Lemmy!

Ya, this kicked me in the stomach when I read it on my own forum… We shall miss him. 70 is still too young to go. But as I said over there, at least he went fast, like the tempo in most of Motorhead’s tunes.

Ace of Spades will be listened too in its entirety in the car this Thursday, have a three hour drive coming up. I always get there a little faster with Motorhead playing. :sunglasses:

RIP Lemmy.

The Chase is Better Than The Catch

Another legend gone :cry:

heroes come and go but legends are forever! :sunglasses:
“But that’s the way I like it, baby I don’t want to live forever”
Still … :cry:

Ugh… H8 it when “real” people bite the dust…



A true Rock’n’Roll Gentleman. R.I.P

RIP Lemmy…

There’s a very recent interview about 15 minutes long which is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eluYcLz4s54 it was tough to watch, you can see what a shadow of his former self he’d become… but his opinions were still strong.

I regret that I never had an chance to meet Lemmy; however, the impression that I got of him was that while he was a no-nonsense man who had no problem telling you what was on his mind, at the same time, he was also kind and generous.

Of course, once he took the stage, he TOOK the stage! He made it clear that Motorhead played ROCK & ROLL, and his bass playing was according to HIS rules and tastes - always outstanding!

I’m afraid we will never meet anyone like him again. Pity.

Hello all.

I was not an active fan of motorhead. For me, he was always one of the Hawklords.
His Silver Machine leveraged my puberty and early adolescence.

I feel uncomfortable as I pay my respects to one whose music I hardly followed, but, like a trilobite in petrified silt, he is part of my foundation. I mourn him and give respect.

I shall click this link on 9th January, and take part in his well wish8ing and sending away.


Scheduled for 9 Jan 2016

We want you ALL to be a part of this memorial service.

So wherever you are, PLEASE get together and watch with fellow Motörheadbangers and friends. GO to your favorite bar, or your favorite club, make sure they have access to an internet connection and toast along with us.
Or simply invite your pals around and celebrate Lemm’s life at home.

Whatever your venue, and however you can, let’s be sure to gather globally on Saturday 9th and celebrate the life of our dear friend and irreplaceable icon.

NOTE: For anyone wishing to send flowers, please contact Karen Brando at
Flowers by Michael
(310) 276-1003

www.flowersbymichael.com >

If you’d like to make a charitable donation under Lemmy’s name, please go to:

Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund


Very best wishes

Thanks for that Glyn. So what time of day on the 9th ??? , time math is not my strength apparently!

Ya, i have some Hawkwind in my collection too… saw them in Toronto (Diamond Club 1990) back in the day. (minus Lemmy)

Lemmy would have called the 2nd Floor a diatribe of pretentious knobbery and swigged back a glass full