R.I.P Nick Ashford

Another great one gone.

After having survived throat cancer, (thank God)
this one hits home, close to the bone.

Ashford & Simpson:

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
“Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing.”
“Solid as a Rock”.


I remember, “Reunited,” too.


R.I.P. Nick… :frowning:

Time ticks on…

RIP. :frowning:

If I recall, Ashford was a notable producer, too

And so, in tribute, I will now DL “Reunited”


I was mistaken Doug, I thought it was Ashford and Simpson… “Reunited” was actually recorded by ‘Peaches & Herb’ and the song was written by another writing team.

Okay… I wondered why none of the news stories about his passing had snippets of “Reunited”

So now I DL’d “Real Thing” :sunglasses: