R.I.P. Ray Dolby

Inventor and visionary. Not just the inventor of a technology or industry, but rather an experience!

R.I.P. Ray Dolby

SALUTE! It always hurts the world to lose a great mind. Not nearly enough to go around.

And in reading about Mr Dolby I saw
that Dr. Amar Bose also made his transition
this past July.

As JMCecil posted:

Not nearly enough to go around.

R.I.P. guys.
You made a huge difference in the world.

RIP Ray Dolby who has died aged 80.

To mark his passing, at 3:00 p.m on Sunday people will observe a minute’s noise reduction.

Ha Ha ,nice no.1 post .
i hope theres no booing or hissing at the funeral ,well there wont be any hissing. what dolby were we up to,last i used was B a few years back.

In the early 80’s we were using Dolby ‘A’ in Studio ‘B’ at ‘Lil Mountain Studios’
Vancouver B.C.

Worked great.