R.I.P. Richie Havens

About three weeks ago a friend was moving and in doing
so he uncovered a couple of old vinyl records.

Not having a turntable himself and knowing I did, he asked
if I wanted to keep them.

I said yes and that I would put a copy of the music
on a thumb drive for him.

They were Richie Havens albums.

The music is a bit scratchy but what a
distinctive sounding vox and what wonderful players.

I cried.

I admit I was quite surprised. It seems as though this generation is fading into the sunset all too soon. Scares me at times I am one of them

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R.I.P. Richie…

I saw Havens about 10 years ago at a street festival, just him and his Open D tuned acoustic. I was blown away. Which is to say, his “legend” rested on much more than just his Woodstock moment of glory. RIP

And according to an interview I saw with him a few years ago , the Woodstock moment was completely improvised. That blew me away!!!

I’m not really surprised, music just flowed from the man :sunglasses: .

You’re lucky, Doug, to have seen him live, I never had the opportunity :frowning: .


The act who was to follow him got hung up at the airport and he had finished his set already, as he left the stage they asked him if he could do a little more… that’s where the improv came in! No pressure eh! :mrgreen:

Heard today that Richie Havens ashes will be spread over the Woodstock site on the 44th anniversary of the event. Honoring his 3 hour performance on opening day. Fyi

Wow. Saw him in a Jazz club in Newport, RI. I was 15’ away. Put his guitar on a stool in front of him, and sang Floyd’s “On the Turning Away” a cappella. During the performance, his guitar fell off the stool, but he didn’t miss a soulful note. I can tell you there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when he was done.

Thank you, Mr. Havens.

What’s also interesting is that, at least when I saw him, he played everything in an Open D tuning

Sweet :sunglasses:

Saw him live in Toronto doing ‘Easy as Sunday’ morning using that tuning scheme.