R (repeat) bug?

When I select chords symbol passage, if I use “R” to repeat it, the last chord of the selection is replaced by the first chord of this same selected passage.
As if copy/paste was done at the wrong place.

Chord symbols don’t have a duration. Thus when you hit R, Dorico doesn’t know where to repeat. It’s advisable to make your selection and then either copy and paste or alt-click where you want the repeated chord symbols to begin.

While I agree that there is no duration defined with chord symbols, it is common practice that a chord is played until another chord appears. It would be good if Dorico could analyze that duration internally and consider when ‘repeat’ is used.

Therein lies the problem. Until you’ve entered another chord symbol Dorico has no way of knowing how long the previous chord symbol was supposed to last. Thus R doesn’t work the way you’d like it to.

It’s definitely been discussed on this forum before; I can’t remember whether the developers said they’d think about “fixing” it. Either way, it’s a “design limitation” as opposed to a “bug”.