it’s nice to see WL8 gets R128 compliant metering/processing.
Is there a way to print or save a measurement log/chart after processing. It would be nice to provide this for clients to make them see everything is within specs.


Yes, there is a solution for this. There is a new batch processor plugin called “Audio Analyser”, that can be used both before and after processing, and that generates a custom report. eg.:

I noticed that in the generated .pdf it reads:

Tatsächliche Bit-Auflösung: 32 Bits (actual bit resolution/depth)

The file is a 24 bit file. I don’t get it.


This is the resolution of the audio stream: if you have a plugin before the analysis plugin, the 24 bit are transformed to 32 bit float, hence the result.

I see, thanks.

One more thing:

It would be nice if WL could also export the graphs from the loudness tab of the waveform editor.