R6016 "Not enough space for thread data"

I am constantly getting this error when loading new plug-ins into channels above a “magic frontier”. This “magic frontier” could be the total numbers of plug-ins in the project or the amount of memory used by Cubase (more than only roughly 1 GB!!!) or the fact that I am using lots of Waves VST3 plug-ins (but above the “magic frontier” it happens regardless what type of plug-in I try to add). This seems to be some kind of “stack overflow” or something like this… Anyway, this is really annoying. Anyone else having this?

I am using C5.5 x32 on Win7 x64. I have 48 GB of RAM. I am using jbridge for the memory-intensive sample players (like Kontakt 4).

Could it be maybe a full harddrive/partition and not memory?

I doubt. My boot/software partition has about 10 GB free space.

I have “solved” the problem now by using Cubase x64 and jbridge to use x32 Waves plug-ins (but be careful: all Waves plug-ins will lose their settings when you load the song in Cubase x64 since this way the VST2 versions are used instead of the VST3 versions in Cubase x32. jbridge cannot bridge VST3).

The downside is now that I cannot make use of the VST3 advantages of Waves, i.e. sidechaining, no processing during silence and so on.