Rack button is missing - mixing console - control room - Cubase Pro 13

I’m new with cubase but I’m watching all videos to make sure I’ll be working fine with cubase Pro 13. I’m missing the EQ + Cue + gain + etc buttons… on the interface of the MIX CONSOLE (control room?). I know I can select them all on ‘‘THE RACK’’ wich is supposed to be on the left of the configuration button . I was wondering where I can configurate all the options to add them?

Not totally sure what you are referring to here, but likely it isn’t something you’d setup in Audio Connections which only configures how your physical hardware interfaces with Cubase. Do you mean you can’t see the stuff I’ve circled here? Perhaps you could post a screenshot showing your Control Room and indicate where you think something is missing.

FYI, Windows comes with Snip & Sketch which makes it real easy to grab screenshots and paste them here.

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Not sure what that means…

Nov 3
Hi all,

we investigated and found a compatibility issue between the Cubase 12 and Cubase 13 MixConsoles :frowning:
If channel racks have been configured to be hidden in Cubase 12 the central MixConsole area can be empty in Cubase 13.

We are working on a fix.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


TBH, what are you doing? Can you ask a question that can get answered and stop the cryptic things, please?

Top Right corner of the Mix Console have a button called Setup Window Layout. There you can check the visibility of the racks.

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