Rack Instruments

Just recently I purchased C7.5. I am not new in cubase but I am bit confised here.

I am thinking in old fashion. I have loaded rack instrument (Halion SE). What if I dont want it anymore. Obviuosly it is not enough to delete related track. Then I an going to F11 and looking for possibility to remove particular Rack Inst. I could not find it anywhere.

Oposit of this “Track Instruments” can be easily removed from dropdown menu on the top"No VST Instrument"

Is that manageable for Rack instrument as well?

I am bit cofused of that cos it certainly consumes some of my memory and CPU power so If I dont want rack instrumnet there have to be easy way to remove it (I am not saying deactivate or freeze)

Cheers guys

1: Open the Instrument Rack (F11)
2: Click on the instrument name (large text, in the “display”) and release
3: Pop up menu instrument list will appear
4: Pick “No VST Instrument”
5: If you get the “Discard all changes…” box, click “Discard”.