Rackmount AI w/ MIDI I/O???

Does anyone know of a Rackmountable audio interface with MIDI I/O?
Or of another way to access and play VST’s via a keyboard, I have an old Ensonic ESQ-1 and would like to use it to record with.
Any suggestions?

RME FF800, FF400, etc do.

there are loads out there , motu are worth a look, latency is very low ,down to 3 millseconds with a buffer if 192 on a half rack ultralite hybrid , the midi is spot on plus you have the built in cuemix fx , full 6 band eq, compressors ,fx on every i/o ,fft ,tuner ,phase all built in , 8 in’s and out’s ,great little interface .

even tho i have the midex i use the midi i/o for my control desk , works just fine , i prefer to use midi than usb , old school don’t you know :wink: you don’t get the usb connection spikes in your midi activity :wink: :laughing: