radio checkboxes

hi there,

What is the wisdom of having both a radio button and a checkbox for “has trill line”? Why add the extra step?
Shouldn’t it be one or the other?



Please search the forum… This has been discussed ad nauseam (though I think the UI could benefit from a change there)

With the radio button you tell Dorico: I want to override the global settings here. Even if you change the trill settings in Engraving Options later, the local value that you set with the checkbox won’t be changed.

This has been discussed at length already. It’s one additional click, sure, but it kind of ensures you’re aware of the fact that you are creating a local override. As a rule of thumb, try to make do with global options as much as possible and only use local overrides as a last resort.

OK thanks - but where in the global options (do you mean Engrave Settings or elsewhere?) are the trill settings?

Engraving Options > Trills

hmm, that doesn’t work for me.

In Engraving Options I have Tacets - Tempo - Text - Ties - Time Signatures - Tremolae - Tuplets…

but no trills…

Look on the ‘Ornaments’ page.

Thank you, Daniel! Now it all makes sense.

Oops, of course, it’s the ornaments page. Sorry, I wasn’t in front of Dorico.