"Raise/lower pitch chromatically" custom key command not working

Hi all!
I wanted to swap the alt+shift+up/down commands for the up/down arrows to raise/lower the pitch chromatically.

Even though it works if I select a note, it doesn’t seem to work when I use pitch before duration. It still functions as “navigate up/down” for me.

Anything I’m missing here? I’m on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance!

Is this perhaps the same thing as recently reported here?

Thanks for the reply! Sadly no, I do feel however that it’s probably something like that I’ve been missing!

This is not currently supported during pitch before duration input, I’m afraid.

Hello and thank you! Interestingly, I just realized that up/down wasn’t working because it was also assigned to “move up/down” while in note input mode. After I removed those commands it did work! However, only moved the notes by a full step.

So, is moving notes by chromatic step that is not currently supported as you mentioned?

Yes, indeed. The shadow note doesn’t display accidentals, and the Shift+Alt+up/down key commands for raising or lowering the pitch of a note by a smaller/chromatic step only work when editing a selected note, not when positioning the shadow note.

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Ah ok got it. Thank you!