Rallentando is not Rallentando-ing :-)

I added molto rall. but I cannot hear the piece slowing down, or not noticeably anyway. I have used rallentando before and it worked. What am I doing wrong? (The molto does seem to make a difference either way.) Thanks.


I think if you click it and open Properties, that you can adjust the percentage that it slows down?

(Not sure why it’s not working in the first place)


That worked perfectly, thanks! It had defaulted to 75% which might have been OK except there were not enough bars for that to sound right. I set it to 60% and it’s great. It is now rallentando-ing just fine. Thank you!

By the way, I think rallenando and ritardando are subtly different, but that would be up to the conductor. I would not expect a playback engine to distinguish between those two.

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I agree. You can manually change the shape of the slow down by editing the Tempo track.

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