RAM Limit for Cubase?

When my template gets to around 9gb, I am unable to load any further plugins. Weirdly, I can copy over plugins that are currently in the project, but I can’t load new plugins. For example, if I have Waves REQ in the project already, I can copy that to another channel, and it seems to work ok. But “new” plugins don’t load at all. There is no error message; they simply do not load. The same is true for VST instruments. One of the worst issues is that the template will load, but not load some plugins, and you have no way of knowing what has been left out. I’m not sure if this an issue with too much RAM bring used, or too many plugin instances?

WIN 7 / Cubase 8.03

Mac? PC? 32 bit? 64 bit?

Windows 7 and 64 bit. 32gb of RAm.

I don’t see that here. My standard template is 22 GB, and loads fine and I can add to it as well…
My 2c,


Thanks for the input. It’s been a baffling problem. Out of interest, are you using Waves plugins?

No I don’t.

I’ve wondered if it’s a Waves issue. Like, there is certain limit to the number of Waves plugins you can load. But the problem also affects UAD plugs. I’ve just updated both my Waves and UAD and I’m eager to see if that solves the issue.

Any news regarding the initial issue ?

Thanks for checking in. I’ve started working with a much smaller template. I never really got to the bottom of it.