RAM upgrade 4GB 12GB 16GB Omnisphere?

My Win 7 64Bit, Cubase 5.5 system runs ok at the mo but I am soon to get my mitts on Omnisphere :smiley:

So considering my PC memory situation / options:-

4GB Ram [ Stick with what I’ve got ]

12GB Ram [ Extra 8GB kit + original 4GB, dual channel ]

16GB Ram [ New 4x4 GB kit both channel, chuck my original 4GB Ram ]

I guess it’s Can’t have too much Ram vs Will you really notice a difference argument?

Big VST’s like Omnisphere are known to chew through RAM though

If I upgrade is the jump / cost from 12GB to 16GB worth it?

Any helpful comments welcome!

My thoughts would be to stick with what you have. The minimum RAM requirements for Omni are 2G but 4G is recommended. If you require more instances of Omni, the demand may increase. In that case, add 1 stick at a time, always bearing in mind, the max RAM setup you can have utilizing your existing 4G. If money is no object, then I would say go all out to your 16G concept as you can never have too much RAM. :slight_smile:

Thx for the feedback

In the end I bought another 8GB so I now have 12GB total

I can see an overall performance increase but have noticed that my hard disks are being hammered which is a surprise

At the mo it seems to be coping ok so I’ll monitor for now…

I guess there’s always going to be a bottleneck. :slight_smile: