Ram usage

I hope i manage to get my point/across so that some of you understand this.
I am using Windows 7 64-bit operating system. I run Cubase 6.02 in 32-bit. The reason for running 32-bit is that most of my plugins are 32-bit, and when starting up the 64.bit version of Cubase none of the plugins i use show up! Even though i have some 64-bit plugins like Spectrasonics Omnisphere, but that’s for another topic:)

So i run 32-bit Cubase and i have 6GB of ram in my computer. In idle mode the PC uses 850 mb ram.

I have read that as long as you use 32-bit Cubase you can not access more than 4 GB of ram, is that correct? And does that mean that Cubase 32-bit can only use around 3 GB since the PC already use around 850 mb?

I am asking because i’m running out of memory more and more often. Especially after bying Ominsphere and using that great synth a lot. Is there any way for me to increase the memory usage without going 64-bit?

I’m not 100% sure but I think that in Win7-64bit each 32bit application runs with a max limit of 3GB available. So, the advantage of running 32bit apps in the 64bit OS is that the apps don’t have to share memory with Windows, they get the full possible 3GB limit to themselves. However, with this config the plugins still have to share the 3GB with Cubase. To allow plugins to access the full 3GB to themselves you would need (I think, correct me someone if I’m wrong) to use Cubase-64bit, and then bridge the 32bit plugins (therefore they’re no longer sharing the 3GB limit with Cubase). I think this will help if you’re reaching memory limits. JBridge is a low cost 3rd party bridge which most people say works more reliably than Steinberg’s built-in bridge.


It’s a wishy-washy thing but in my extensive personal experience, 32-bit apps have even less than 3GB RAM they can utilize. When running Cubase 32bit, I would get between 1.0GB and 1.5GB memory use for Cubase before it became more and more unstable and eventually crashed.

I would suggest a cheap ($15) tool called JBridge. It spawns each plugin into its own process, so each plugin has its own memory space. Plus it lets you use 64bit plugins inside 32bit Cubase and vice versa. It’s fantastic.

A more expensive, but better option, is Vienna Ensemble Pro for maximizing your memory if you have to stay within a 32-bit Cubase.

Jes with 32bit Q max limit is about 3,2 g, probably less.But if you now rewire something innit then you will get access to more memory if its installed.Atleast thats the way i get to understand this.I could be wrong. I have in my 32 bit q6 sometimes 130 tracks with plugs innit, youll have to freeze and bounce to free up your processing power.imfho :smiley: