RAM vs GHz

Hi there please can someone advise?

I’m looking to buy an off the shelf laptop, and wondered which would be better for my very limited budget ($800): higher RAM or higher processor clockspeed?

Also, I seem to remember last time I bought a laptop, getting one with an i7 chip was not advised; i5 was better. I’m assuming this is no longer the case (or I was wrong in the first place!)?

I’m currently running Cubase Artist 6.5 but will be upgrading to latest version of Cubase Artist when I’ve go the new computer.

Thanks for any help.

Both is important, CPU anyway, 8+ GB RAM are what I‘d go for. The more VSTi you use, the more memory is useful.

No idea of i5/i7, my laptop has an i7 and runs great, but I mainly record with it and do the rest on the desktop machine.

Good to upgrade, not sure if Cubase 6.5 works with Windows 10 at all.

IMHO go for clock speed over RAM – you can expand RAM but not CPU. Personally I prefer i5 over i7, as hyperthreading is smoke and mirrors, and as recently been proven, a security risk. It’s also cheaper. Single-threaded performance without hyperthreading is in my experience the single most important factor in having a stable and smooth Cubase experience, followed by using only 64-bit VSTs.

Thanks for your replies

It’s worth noting… The NEW i7 desktop CPU, 9700k, doesn’t have Hyperthreading. It’s like they did it just for us. I’d of bought the fastest i5 otherwise. I know the thread is Laptops but thought it worth a mention.