RAM with new PC

Hi all,

going to (let) build a new PC with 13900k and 128Gb RAM… coming from a 5280k 32GB

Question 1: does the MHz or the Latency of the RAM affect Cubase or SampleLibs in any way thats significant? Or is that more interessting for gamer or video-creators
Question 2: Is there any recommended Mainboard that works with no problems in pricerange 500 to 700 bucks?

Thanks a lot, Vacsy

Hi… I just built a similar machine… i9 13900k on an Asus PRIME Z790-A WIFI mobo and 64gb of Kingston DDR5 RAM @ 5200 mhz… Running beautifully… Highly recommended.

DDR5 have error correction so it might be good option.

Make sure you have read the information from Steinberg regarding these CPUs

Thank you so much for this…

Uhm, maybe there will be a fix in Cubase regarding P-Cores/ E-Cores problems if they can make dropouts???
Dont wanna spent so much money to have now bottlenecks in that case…
I mean, why do I get that extra P-Cores and E-Cores if I have to disable them in BIOS?
Sorry for my bad english…

Thanks, Vacsy

There will likely be a fix, I’m pretty sure they pretty much have to code the software to either take advantage of that new CPU system properly, or ignore it so that users don’t have to tweak BIOS.

These processors are so fast though, I doubt you would even need the E-Cores. I don’t know for sure though.

That’s what I believe as well. I think these processors are still a good choice, but for now you need to focus Cubase on the P-Cores.
IMHO the best choice is to set the processor affinity for Cubase, leaving the rest of the system untouched.

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Thanks for all your time and answers, I´m glad…

Greets, Vacsy

Hi there, sorry to ask, I am a light user, meaning I don’t know all the ins and outs on computers,

I was wondering,

Is this CPU falls in this category?

Intel® Core™ i9 18 Core Processor i9-10980XE (3.0GHz) 24.75MB Cache

Many thanks!

No, this CPU is earlier than the current 12000 or 13000 series. It doesn’t have the difference between P-Cores and E-Cores.

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Thank Goodness!! Many thanks for the response!

Not experiencing any issues on my build relating to P/E cores…

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It is not something that you directly will feel and see, it depends on what you do and how much the thread director in Windows decides to move to E-Cores.

The support page from Steinberg is just a note telling you that there might be an issue, due to the new architecture.

If you don’t see it, perfect.