Rambling about track archives not recalling expression maps from tracks inside folders! (since v10)


I am an old customer, enthusiastic about some of the new features introduced by Steinberg year after year (track versioning, expression maps… and many more).

But I am also tired (angry too), to see they too often don’t go throughout their own ideas.

For example, what is the point of having track archives if they don’t save expression maps within the tracks?
For a lot of people, this limitation renders the full functionality simply useless.

It has been expressed of this forum since version 10 (it seems there was a time track archives correctly saved expression maps, but I am not 100% sure), we are now at version 12… WTF? (Pardon my French, but this is such a frustration for a tool I would like to love instead of coping with it…)

I know other softwares have their limitations, but I am considering, more and more (despite the long habit of using Cubase) to switch to another tool (since expression maps are now a common functionality)

That was my rambling :slight_smile:

Have a nice day… and please, Steinberg, do fix the track archives… pretty please!

Have you tried File>Import>Tracks from Project?

I don’t know whether they have improvements in mind for track archives, but this other, more modern feature might be worth a look. Expression maps are included in such imports. (Just tested that in Cubase Pro 12)

Hello Steve,

I did try that (even before posting my initial message), and just doubled-checked, to be sure. No expression map is imported neither with this method.
Does it work on your system???!

Here Windows 10 Cubase 12.0.40 Build 317

Edit: I’ve found this thread Cubase doesn't import expression maps from tracks inside folders?

And try some tests: Expression maps are correctly imported if the track containing the expression map is NOT IN A FOLDER!!!

What a mess! Knowing that clearly identifies this failure as a bug and not a missing feature… Since version 10!!!

Continue in that thread, please.