Cubase doesn't import expression maps from tracks inside folders?

I just spent days tediously creating and assigning expression maps (with some help from Art Conductor but a lot of them by hand), to some of my string libraries. Lots of tracks, and lots of separate Kontakt instrument articulations using a very detailed folder structure so I can stay organized when I want to import. Been doing it for a few days now and was excited to finally get expression maps assigned to all my libraries as part of a long-term project. My goal was to have a template sessions for various libraries, where I can then import things a la cart into whatever project I’m working on.

So I go now to import some of these tracks and none of the expression maps that I assigned to their respective tracks are importing into a new project. I do a bit of research and discover a thread on the Steinberg forums from over 2 yrs ago which says that if a track exists inside a folder, the expression map will not import into a new project? I didn’t want to believe it, but then I tried moving a few tracks outside of their nested folders to the root level in the project window, THEN importing, and low and behold it’s true.

I’m hoping that there’s some workaround for this. I mean, this is part exasperating and partially depressing, to have spent so much time only to discover that I can’t use any sort of folder structure to effectively create a template with expression maps??? Expression maps were one of the big reasons I moved over to Cubase.

I’m hoping there’s some workaround for this, and if anybody knows it I would be interested in hearing a solution. Is this something that is NOT a problem maybe in Neundo? I’m in Cubase 12 pro.

Thanks for any suggestions.


As far as I know, this is a known and already reported issue.

Yes reported quite a while ago, with no movement from Steinberg on it. I did find a workaround where it is possible. I posted it on another thread about the same issue.

Still no luck with version 12.0.40…

the workaround is to export your tracks from the session which contains all your expression maps in the track archives
and start from this session by deleting all tracks
so you will have a blank session
where you can import tracks you need
and miracle your tracks will have well
map expressions corresponding to each track

(answer written on another thread, copied here to share with people following this thread, please excuse the double post)

Thank you for this answer and this tip, but as you state yourself, this is a workaround.
(And yes, it’s better to have a workaround than nothing)

But still, this a bug, and Cubase is (or at least claims to be) (I know this last statement is a bit harsh) a professional tool.
Professional offers solutions, not workarounds!

A bug so old (and well known as it seems) needs a fix!