Ramp Curve Issue

I am not sure if anyone else has had this issue, and I couldn’t find the answer in the operational manual.

Here is the summary of the issue I am trying the resolve:

Once I move any segment of a track’s VOLUME parameter above or below 0 db., try as I might, I can never bring it back to 0 db. Again, we’re not using the sliders, instead, the Automation Curves.

I either land on -0.23 db. or + 0.65 db. It doesn’t matter if I am in R mode or in both R and W mode. Nor if I am keying in the values in the track’s “Channel Level.” The only way to go back to 0 db., so far, is to move the slider, in playback mode (and hope to hit 0 db. exactly where you want it). Not a practical solution if you’re trying to implement precise automation.

Is there a quick fix (a keyboard combination, for example) that would allow my cursor to snap onto the 0 db. and not the -0.23 db. or +0.65 db value?

Thank you.

Open the info line, highlight the blob you want and type in the value into the info line.

Thank you, Split! Worked like a charm.

And for anyone else who might not know where the “Info Line” is (because, in my case, it was hidden, and I found the answer on page 43 of the manual) :

You need to start with the “Set up Window Layout” button on the toolbar and activate or deactivate the “Info Line” option.

Once again, thank you!