Ramp Tempo changes causing glitches, any fix?

Hi, this is kind of urgent as I’m scoring a film and deadline is tomorrow. The final track has quite a complicated tempo track all with ramps, not steps. I can’t change this, its integral to the films timing

But with various instances of Kontakt I’m getting glitching/popping sounds. I’m upped the buffer size to max and still get it

I don’t mind bouncing or freezing tracks, but the issues get frozen with them

Is there anything I can do?

There’s a couple “hacks” you can try. See below:

  1. use the pencil tool and draw in freehand the same tempo change using Step instead of Ramp.

  1. Still use Step but snap the points to the grid and gradually change tempo.

  1. turn off “external tempo sync” in kontakt.

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Thanks for the ideas. I can’t really draw everything in, as it took me hours to get the tempo changing to the main part hits exactly on the beat. I won’t be able to do this by doing it manually, and obviously when I change one point it affects everything after. Same reason why I can’t do the steps. It’s a piano part and I need it to gradually change, not in steps.

I didn’t know about External tempo sync in Kontakt, thanks. Will this affect anything do you think? I guess only if it has some sort of tempo synced effect

How about

  1. Temporarily disabling the Tempo Track.
  2. Render to Audio at a fixed Tempo
  3. In the Pool make sure the Audio’s Tempo is the same as the fixed Tempo
  4. Set the Audio to Musical Mode & its Track to Musical Timebase
  5. Enable the Tempo Track
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I get plenty of that with an internet-based plug-in that I use called Emvoice, and while being network enabled may be a good excuse, what is NI’s?

This is why we need Bezier, for Tempo, hopefully by C/N14!

Always do this, for viarable tempo projects, and as well, I make sure to work in increments of 250 ticks, which is what is the default, when you use a mouse to raise or lower the tempo.

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Thanks everyone, I turned off Ext Tempo in the various instances of Kontakt and it seems to be ok…I hope it stays. I might individually render each track and check for any glitches. Its just a bit of a bad workaround as I want to have the ability to edit things as I go

Deadline is looming! Thanks

Are there any resource constraints, such as real-time Antivirus scanning and defragmentation?

I find that using Automatic Maintenance (Windows) alleviates this issue and doing this immediately after the Malicious Software Removal tool has been downloaded and allowing it to run until completion helps.

Also, removing various processes from Windows Security, stops real-time scanning while a project is loading, or active, see here: