Running LE5, US-800 on a PC.

During the simple act of digitizing some old stereo tracks from tape, I watched as the input level meters dropped to zero, all by themselves :astonished: - I had touched nothing. Repeated attempts ended the same… about a minute or so into the recording, input dropped to nuthin’!

I have recorded a few things with_out_ this happening, but these random acts of silence are making for a rather frustrating introduction to Cubase (are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, Steinberg?...)

Any ideas? Anyone else ever have a similar experience?

Puppy Chow or Kibbles? :laughing:

I asked the misses and she says Kibbles. :mrgreen:

Bluzmaster: Got the right driver for US-800 :question:

Have you read the Getting started Manual
and looked at cubase videos (youtube) on getting started :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Bluzmaster What’s your Operating System, and what brand of PC :question:
And the Tascam US-800 is your Sound Card, right :question: and your computer sound card is de-activated :question:

I assume that’s because you have no hits?

We have a dog… :smiley:

I knew I’d come to the right place. Thanks for your help.

This site is a veritable font of wisdom.

The lack of detail in you fault description leave one only to guess at the problem.

Please give a better description, what equipment you are using including OS, computer specs and exactly what happens.

Does cubase drop out of record etc etc.

Using Tascam US-800 (w/ latest driver), Windows XP SP3, 1.5g Ram, no new sound card… just the original Realtek AC.

Now I know this system needs to be replaced. However, that shouldn’t be the problem because Cubase sometimes works OK. But I never know when this problem is going to occur again.

Cubase will be recording just fine then, say 30 to 90 seconds or so into recording, as I just sit there and watch, both stereo inputs drop to 0. I am using great restraint in not throwing everything out the window, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

Make sure your window is open before attempting to chuck the computer out of it!

I take it you only have one hard drive in your system? how much space is left on it? has it been defragged lately? what it it’s rotational speed?

When you say both inputs drop to zero! do you mean cubase drops out of record?

Split -

120 GB hard drive

(edit) 5400 rpm

44GB still available

Doesn’t need defragging

No, Cubase does not drop out of record. It’s like a ghost slides down the input faders to zero. It’s still recording, but the input signal’s not there. Kinda’ weird, eh?

Window is on 2nd floor. I’d better make sure the car’s out of the way, too.

120 GB Hard Drive

5400 rpm

Do the faders actually move? If so it would seem like you may have accidentally recorded some automation!

Is the little green button with R on it lit up, next to the red button with W. These are the automation read and write buttons. If so turn them off.

If it was dropping out of record I would have suspected your hard drive, but as it’s not then…

It is on the slow side though, recommended is 7200rpm minimum.

For recording one stereo track…? :open_mouth: Come on…

You know… I just re-read my post and thought that my description of events could lead someone to believe that the faders actually move. But, no, the faders don’t actually move (Ghosts have a direct-line).

When I get home tonight, I’ll go through everything again and check the items that you’ve suggested. Do the faders move with automation enabled?

(Considering your comment regarding speed, 'could just be time for a new PC.)

Slowly I begin to open the window…

Dinny be daft, I never said 5200 rpm wont record a stereo track, I just said it’s on the slow side and also I dont suspect that as the problem.

Slowly I start closing the window…

New info:

A. I don’t need to be “recording” for this to happen… just monitoring through the headphone jack of the US-800.

B. While the Cubase “meters” are reading A.O.K., the monitored sound is “scratchy.”

C. Then, all of a sudden, the monitored sound clears up. I’m thinking, “Great!”. But when the sound cleared up, the meters dropped to zero.

(Do you think I have a ghost in my machine?)

I am going to go through things and check for the items Jouleskeys suggested in, “LE & R24 Crackly Input…”

There’s got to be something going on in the background, don’t you think?