Random controllers!

Over the last few days, random controllers are activating. I mainly only use cc1, cc11 and cc7. I’m getting stuff just appearing for cc0 (bank select), cc2 (breath) and cc3.
They are showing as active (*) in the drop down menu - sometimes with data in the lane and sometimes doesn’t seem to be any even though have an *.
I recently added a Stream Deck to my setup. Could this be the culprit and if so, how do I fix it?
Or could be completely unrelated to Stream Deck.

(My main controller is an M-Audio Hammer 88. I have used this without issues for several years except that it started sending pitchbend data! Before Stream Deck. I deactivated pitchbend in Cubase).

Please help! Many thanks,

In your Studio Setup, please make sure your Stream Deck MIDI Input is not ticked as included in your “All MIDI Inputs”.

I think that’s what we want to talk about

I use the Sherlock Plugin with a touch screen, it’s the same principle
and the Arturia Keylab MKII 88