Random Crash


Can anyone decrypt the crash file? I clicked on an existing group track that my C.10.5.20 crashed.

Thank you in advance.
Cubase 10.5_2020-06-03-133509_CS-i7-iMac.crash (186 KB)


The same *.crash dump is attached here. Could you please provide a repro and don’t mix up multiple crashes to one?

Hi Martin,

Unfortunately not sure. I just had a group track with VST and several audio (mono and stereo) tracks assigned to that. I clicked on it. Maybe that was project-specific.


What confuses me is that you attached the very same crash file to your other report. So I’m not sure if the report matches the description. Then it’s hard to work with it.

Thank you for understanding.

That was attached to the other post by mistake. I fixed my other post. Thank you, Martin.


Reported to Steinberg CAN-29747.