random extra fee on invoice, not labeled

Hey folks,

I was just about to checkout my cart with Cubase. But then a random fee of $33 got added to the total, and it’s not labeled and it’s not tax. I assume it might be shipping, but why is it not labeled and why is it so expensive? See screenshot.
Anyone else have this issue?

I don’t see it- what do you mean, exactly?

there are two subtotals

Whoa. That’s clearly wrong.

I just tried to buy that using a Canadian “address” and the error didn’t appear- have you tried emptying your cart, deleting cookies and the re-adding to cart?

Hey Steve,
I deleted buying the e-licenser, and that got rid of the fee. So it must have been delivery charge. I’m going to head to my local guitar shop here in Montreal, as they have an e-licenser in stock.
Thanks for the feedback though!